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"Missing Children Search Service" in war conditions

"Missing Children Search Service" in war conditions We receive more than 100 requests for search for missing children every day. This is not an exaggeration, this is the reality of war. Children of completely different ages are disappearing, even babies, whole families are disappearing.

During 20 years of work of Magnolia's "Missing Children Search Service", we have never seen such horror, even in the 1990s. We considered 1990-th outbreak of child homelessness to be the worst until the war. From the first days of war we didn't stop our work. "Missing Children Serach Service" works to rescue lost and missing children. So that, due to the bombing and panic, we won't lose our loved ones and will be ready to find each other, even if it happened. Even if a child went missing abroad during an evacuation, we know how to help.

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