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ABOUT "Missing Children Search Service"

"Missing Children Search Service" is a department of NGO "MAGNOLIA" created to help missing children and their families. According to international conventions, we define a "missing child" as any child under the age of 18 whose whereabouts are unknown to his or her parents or guardians.




Hotline 116 000

The 116 000 hotline operates throughout Ukraine, and calls are free for subscribers of all mobile operators. The operators of the hotline call centre are properly trained specialists - social workers and psychologists. They receive calls from parents/guardians of missing children, and provide them with the necessary psychological, legal and social support, they also receive calls from citizens who have information about a missing child.

Coordination with the police and the child's parents/guardians

All information about the missing child received from calls of the citizens on the 116 000 hotline is promptly sent for further investigation to the police and the child's parents/guardians.

Informing the public about the child's disappearance

The effectiveness of a search for a missing child depends very much on the help of the public - the more people learn about a missing child, the more likely it is that someone has information to help find that child.
Therefore, in order to inform the public on a large scale, the Children's Search Service creates information materials (about a missing child and an appeal to call
 116 000 if you have seen the child), which are then placed on a charitable basis by the Ukrainian media.

Today we have the support of 36 TV channels, 7 periodicals, 5 outdoor advertising agencies and indoor TV.
We promptly publish the results of the search for missing children on our website and on our pages on social networks.

As of January 01, 2022, thanks to the cooperation of the public, the media, the police and the Children's Search Service 2324 missing children were found. In November 2017, Magnolia joined the Missing Children Europe International Federation.